Our company makes a great wide range of PE Knotted nets and Knitted nets, including knotted fishing nets, square knotted bird nets and knotted sports nets, knotless bird nets, hail netting, windbreak nets, shading nets, debris netting, bee nets, fish farm nets, and various new netting products and so on. In the meantime we also supply some steel products, including galvanized steel wires/cables and their splices, and supply various accessories, including nylon clips, nylon cable ties, long life PE webbing, electrical tape and Zinc-plated ratchets, etc.. 

Our company has obtained safety production license issued by the Ministry of labour, and our products have met National technical standard GB 16909-1997 and Japanese technical standard JISA 8952-1989. The lower price and stable quality are superioritIes of the above mentioned products. These make our products very competitive in international market.

We have been doing export over 2,000 tons of the above netting products every year to Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and some other European countries, etc..  

If you would be interested and need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.